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US-4608048-A: Dispensing device with drug delivery patterns patent, US-4610166-A: Method and apparatus for testing welds in plastic pipe patent, US-4885678-A: Vector processor for processing database without special tags for vector elements patent, US-4952046-A: Optical lenses with selective transmissivity functions patent, US-4956362-A: Use of carpipramine for the treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders patent, US-5103003-A: 3-(1,3-oxazolidinyl)-s-triazine patent, US-5592293-A: Scanning tomographical imaging telescope patent, US-6357098-B1: Methods and devices for positioning and bonding elements to substrates patent, US-3804405-A: Spring board assembly patent, US-3809497-A: Conduction pump for conveying corrosive metals patent, US-3818620-A: Embroidery hoop patent, US-3821909-A: Wire stripper and latch structure patent, US-3836071-A: Air-operated traffic counter patent, US-3855062-A: Process for preparation of derivatives of l-tyrosine patent, US-3867378-A: Preparation of 7-acylamido-7-methoxy-3-substituted methyl-3(or 2)-cephem-4-carboxylic acid and its s-oxides patent, US-3872209-A: Ion exchange process for the recovery of metals patent, US-3897242-A: Use of 1-(3-chloro-4-methylphenyl)-3,3-dimethylurea in wheat and barley crops patent, US-3905240-A: Pilot insulator for detecting degree of contamination thereof patent, US-3913836-A: Spray rig assembly patent, US-3928613-A: Compounds useful as antidepressive agents patent, US-3933027-A: Apparatus and method for proving meters patent, US-3969783-A: Combination windshield washer/wiper patent, US-4010895-A: System for preheating a water-cooled vehicle engine and for heating the interior of the vehicle patent, US-4023708-A: Safety device for water supply line of a washing machine patent, US-4029151-A: Stone gatherer with discharge conveyor patent, US-4032038-A: Device, apparatus and process for dispensing taped bags patent, US-4032306-A: Isotope separation by photodissociation of van der waal's molecules patent, US-4041166-A: Method of producing diuresis using thiazolidinone acetic acid derivatives patent, US-4416467-A: Towing couplings patent, US-4420305-A: Oblique oral implant patent, US-4446763-A: Mortice cylinder lock wrench structures patent, US-4490017-A: High-speed zoom lens patent, US-4564948-A: Gas laser tube patent, US-4601538-A: Light reflecting safety belt patent, US-4620561-A: Differential pressure control valve patent, US-4678357-A: Device for binding holed sheets patent, US-4714711-A: 6-hydroxy-2(2-hydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)benzofuran derivatives to inhibit leukotriene biosynthesis patent, US-4719888-A: Method and apparatus for controlling air-fuel ratio in internal combustion engine patent, US-4773740-A: Electrochromic display device patent, US-4787252-A: Differential correlation analyzer patent, US-4814413-A: Heat-meltable polymer for use as adhesive agent, method for manufacturing the same and application thereof for the gluing of substrate materials patent, US-4823608-A: Method of measuring residual stress in a carrier produced in manufacturing of a belt for continuously variable transmission patent, US-4891467-A: Selective synthesis of pseudocumene and durene patent, US-4895957-A: Process for the preparation of 4-substituted 3-methyl-1-aryl-5-amino-pyrazoles patent, US-5059691-A: N-((dialkylamino)methylene)-substituted pyrazolo (1,5-A)-pyrimidine-3-carboxamides and N-((dialkylamino)methylene)-substituted-4,5-dihydropyrazolo-(1,5-A)-pyrimidine-3-carboxamides patent, US-5259830-A: Aid for inducing sleep or the like utilizing light patent, US-5478525-A: Extrudable corrosion resistant aluminum alloy patent, US-5614526-A: Use of phenoxy-piperzine derivatives patent, US-5989154-A: Apparatus for limiting the torque on a power train and method of operating same patent, US-6047210-A: Cardioverter and method for cardioverting an atrial tachyarrhythmia while maintaining atrial pacing patent, US-6104179-A: Low-power consumption noise-free voltage regulator patent, US-6115467-A: Modular layered network interface unit particularly suited for side expansion patent, US-6148402-A: Apparatus and method for remotely executing commands using distributed computing environment remote procedure calls patent, US-6247958-B1: Female connector for IC card patent, US-6248303-B1: Method of producing cubic boron nitride patent, US-3838303-A: Mounting apparatus for disc-type semiconductors patent, US-3850610-A: Herbicidal method patent, US-3881213-A: Blade carrier for the windshield wipers of motor vehicles patent, US-3881496-A: Apparatus and method for electrically stimulating leg muscles patent, US-3885412-A: Method of fabricating curved tubing and product thereof patent, US-3916276-A: Direct current motor drive patent, US-4124115-A: Conveyer system patent, US-4126964-A: Pivotal sliding sash window patent, US-4127149-A: Weft yarn guide patent, US-4139313-A: Writing element for use in ball point pen patent, US-4207618-A: On-chip refresh for dynamic memory patent, US-4210214-A: Temperature compensating hydraulic jarring tool patent, US-4267347-A: Method for direct preparation for 1,2,4-triazole from hydrazine and formamide patent, US-4291306-A: Figure displaying device patent, US-4335058-A: Preparation of carboxylic acid anhydrides patent, US-4345809-A: Circuit board ejector and guide patent, US-4404523-A: Readout circuit for linear displacement transducer patent, US-4461484-A: Flying disc entrapment assembly patent, US-4594100-A: Herbicidal 4-trifluoromethyl-4-nitrodiphenyl ethers patent, US-4597184-A: Snap gauge for checking dimensions of workpieces patent, US-4766832-A: Beaded-luff free flying sail for a boat patent, US-4902240-A: Multi-terminal connector patent, US-4954225-A: Method for making nozzle plates patent, US-4997163-A: Nail puller patent, US-5014921-A: Potato masher patent, US-5313289-A: Original illuminating device and original reading device preventing random reflected light patent, US-5627867-A: Watchdog circuit employing minimum and maximum interval detectors patent, US-5720624-A: Screw-coupled type connector patent, US-5855843-A: Gas sink in the form of an interstitial flushing device patent, US-5895296-A: Combined-type connector patent, US-5975927-A: Communications card having rotating communications port patent, US-6027261-A: Exposure adjusting device for a camera patent, US-6159504-A: Core substance-containing calcium microparticles and methods for producing the same patent, US-6162167-A: Blood pump device having a journal patent, US-6213653-B1: Method and apparatus for efficiently interpolating an image using an expansion factor derived from two different numbers of gray levels patent, US-6335452-B2: 1-substituted 2,5-dithienyl pyrrole derivatives and film-forming materials patent, US-6448971-B1: Audio driven texture and color deformations of computer generated graphics patent, US-6482560-B2: Electrophotographic photoreceptor patent, US-6580769-B1: Method and apparatus for backward recursion next state generation in recursive convolutional decoding patent, US-6613778-B1: Imidazopyridine derivatives as phosphodiesterase VII inhibitors patent, US-6738118-B2: Liquid crystal display device patent, US-3785649-A: Racing figures pulled by lines randomly wound on spools patent, US-3785763-A: Infra-red burner patent, US-3791130-A: Method for false-twisting a synthetic filament yarn patent, US-3879945-A: Hot gas machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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